Healthcare products: Shower


Relax but a comfortable shower – the cultural significance of showering is practiced in the western world especially with a view to daily cleaning. But a shower also serves well-being and relaxation. Showers have been replaced to some extent with bathing. Many households today no longer have a bath but a shower. A support in the shower can be a stable shower stool such as the shower stool ROCKY, MODULAR, MOBILE, WALL and PRACTICE. For the shower stools, there are many accessories such as armrests and backrests in various shapes. A shower handle can also be a good solution to increase safety.

Stability, support and security are provided by, for example, the Rocky shower stool. The shower stools are visually appealing and very stable due to robust construction. In addition, all products have a very good rust protection for long life. The shower stools are maintenance-free, but should be cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected from time to time. Shower furniture enables a relaxing experience for people with limited mobility to shower.