Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Nat-Sweden AB strives to be involved in the creation of a sustainable society. We work to reduce our environmental impact as far as is technically possible and economically justified. Laws and regulations regarding the environment must be followed.

We have decided to protect the environment and not waste the earth’s resources unnecessarily. Therefore, we choose robust items that can primarily be reused and recycled when the life is spent.

We place great emphasis on the choice of materials and the choice of manufacturing process, the greatest emphasis is placed on avoiding environmentally hazardous substances, chemicals and all forms of pollution. On an ongoing basis and in close cooperation with our subcontractors, we ensure that these principles are followed.

The basic principles of environmental policy are that:
It is important that employees and partners and suppliers work for the same goal. To strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide.
To work to reduce electricity consumption.
That environmental considerations are taken into account when choosing materials and manufacturing processes.
Use of hazardous chemicals should be avoided

Employees and partners

We choose to work with employees / partners who share our respect for people and the environment. In our thinking, child labor is unacceptable. We follow current laws on employment protection and pay contractual salaries. The the same we expect from our partners. Working methods and equipment must be designed with adequate occupational safety to avoid risks and dangers in the execution.